Some of the Best LEGO Designers

If you are a supporter of Seglar, you’ve surely heard of among the better designers. From your UK, you will find the works of Nathan Sawaya, a great award-winning specialist singer. His art is light-hearted and living, with a lively take on everyday life. He’s recently been invited to speak at different venues and has received various accolades meant for his function. To read more about the man, take a look at his webpage and Instagram.

You may not realize it, but some fans of LEGO have already been working as designers for a long time now. Some are well-known within the community, whilst others have created a lot of truly remarkable pieces. Calcul, for example , done the TOWN video game, producing establishes like the 3677 Red Several Train as well as the 10129 Maersk Train. Megan, on the other hand, has worked as an employee for the PROFANO Galaxy MMORPG and focuses her talents in fan happenings and developing PROFANO sets. She has also developed a book about the fan events that happen within the LEGO platform.

Several LEGO designers are just supporters who have proven to be fans of the trademark. There are those who find themselves famous inside the LEGO community and outside. As an example, Pierre worked on the METROPOLIS video game and created sets such as the 3677 Purple Freight Train and the 10129 Maersk Boat. Another creator, Megan, was an AFOL who was an integral part of PROFANO’s whole world MMORPG and has created many fan-themed PROFANO sets.

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